July 08, 2010

Prairie Girl Project Debut!

Have you ever seen this book?

I hadn't until recently. I found it mentioned in a post on Ravelry and had to look it up. It's the cutest little book on old-timey crafts and activities.

This is what Amazon says "Frontier fun meets a home-spun touch in this heart-warming mixture of pioneer projects and wistful nostalgia. Jennifer Worick teaches readers how to sew a quilt, master the art of bread-and-butter pickles, speak old-time slang, and much much more. This is for the legions of Laura Ingalls Wilder fans who have dreamed of what a pioneer life out on the prairie would be like. Combining step-by-step how-to on crafts, with tongue-in-cheek instructions on prairie slang, winning a spelling bee, and singing a lullaby, The "Prairie Girl's Guide to Life" allows fans to finally act out their childhood dreams or to simply enjoy the vicarious thrill of reading about it one more time. This is a book that will pull at the heart strings of every childhood Laura and also teach us a few prairie-time crafts along the way."

Sounds fun, right?

I'll admit that like a lot of Americans I love all things pioneerish and the thought of cowboys makes me woozy. :o)

In our family's constant journey to finding a simpler more fulfilling life this book seems like a great how-to manual. It also looks like a lot of fun to explore with the kiddos.

The author is from Southwest Michigan which is our neck of the woods so that is just awesome! I'm not exactly sure where, but it sounds like her family has been here at least 2 generations. Go Michigan!! Love the Michigan products and people!

The book states that there are 50 projects, but I counted 52 twice. That makes this book a perfect year long project. We are going to try to complete one thing each week and write about it on Thursdays.

Some of the projects that we will be working on are knitting a shawl, lacing a corset, panning for gold and making applesauce. Of course some projects are easier than others. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to pan for gold or lace a corset, but we'll figure it out.

This week we're going to start easy with the Art of Letter Writing. When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand?

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