December 23, 2009

Fiber Fun Wednesday -- The Drop Spindle, Part 2

I did it.

I spun the fiber and made YARN!!

Yes, I sure did.

Now, it may be the ugliest, chunkiest monstrosity that has ever been seen, but I made it and I love it!

I waited until the hubby was off to work and the kids were asleep in their beds so I could work undisturbed. I started with 1.5 oz of an alpaca/bamboo mix. Oh, it felt like heaven in my hands. I watched the YouTube videos I'd saved about a million times and then I felt I was ready to start.

Even after predrafting, my drafting sucked. That's okay though because now I know how to make a really chunky yarn. :o) See, there's a bright side here.

By the end I was sort of getting the hang of it. At some points it almost looked like a worsted weight instead of really, really bulky. Just need to learn to draft out fewer fibers.

I finished it up, plied it and wound it on my new niddy noddy. The grand total......17 yards. Wow, that's bad right? I should have gotten a lot more out of it I think.

I'm sure I'll do better next time. I have a blue/green wool sitting here that's begging to be a hat. Maybe I'll take it with me to all those Christmas parties I have to go to and spin it up. If nothing else, it's one heck of a conversation starter.

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