December 01, 2009

Today I learned...

Today I learned....

  • That my truck will make it all the way to town with the gas light on
  • That it is fun to pay for the gas once you get there, with dimes and nickels from the piggy bank
  • New friends are always fun to make, even when they come with complications
  • 10 tween girls screaming "Mrs. Camp" for an hour makes you want to scream, but the joy of teaching pushes you past it
  • You should never be bored if you're smart enough to bring your knitting with you
  • Lunch you make up on the fly can be really tasty
  • I really don't like the movie Polar Express and please don't try and change my mind
  • No matter how bad I want that double cheeseburger from McDonalds, it's not worth waiting 12 minutes in the drive-thru line to get
  • AWANA is a great program, even if it's only for the 2 hour break I get every Tuesday night
  • Just as you congratulate yourself on getting to the gas station without running out of gas, the truck will die
  • Chores are much more fun when it's warm enough to use the hose for watering
  • I'm not ready for my baby to turn 6 tomorrow
  • That my baby is going to turn 6 no matter what tomorrow, so I need to get over it
  • And thank goodness for family. Couldn't make it without them.

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