December 27, 2009

A Montague Christmas

A special treat for all the family that couldn't make it to the annual Montague Christmas get-together.

Wow, there were a lot of us and if I count right, I think that was really only about half the grandkids. We are multiplying fast. :o)

I'm going to try and list everyone that made it, by family. If I missed you I am so sorry. And if I spelled your name wrong, again, I'm sorry.

Jon & Debbie - Joel, Dee and William. Jesse.

David & Maryanne - Brian

Jerry & Darla - Shannon w/Brett and his 3 kids, Abby and Miah, Amanda and London

Tom & Jaynan - Chris, Gretchen and Hayley

Karen & Dan - Stephani, Jim, Elizabeth, Micaela and Nicholas. Kristi, Brad, Kaitlyn, Eli and Mason

Doesn't seem like so many when I right it down. That house was really packed last night.

Here are some of the highlights:

Some of the womenfolk getting the food around

While the menfolk stood around talking.

Everyone gathering to pray for the meal.

Standing in line for the enormous amount of food. All good of course.

The kids table.

Sitting around.

The pile for the gift exchange. Sorry folks, no real craziness here. Very little gift taking and no goofy antics by Tom or Jerry. Please do better next year. :o)
Dave also insists that at least one present must contain a sizable amount of chocolate, please.

What is Christmas without Santa?

Passing out presents for G&G.

G&G opening their gifts.

This present brought tears to their eyes. I believe it was from Dave & Maryanne.

A picture of the gift that brought the tears.

And here is a special gift. A video of Grandpa reading the Christmas story. It's short only because I didn't want it too big to upload here. favorite pic. These cupcakes were sooo cute. Almost too cute too eat.

Merry Christmas!!

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