December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland

As you probably already know, a good portion of the US was hit with a pretty nasty winter storm this week. We were part of it, but from what I've read, I think we were lucky. It wasn't as bad as other parts of the country. I keep getting stuck on Arizona. That is just not the state I think of when I think of snow, but they got hammered and had colder temps than us.

We got down into the upper single digits over night and our highs during the day have been in the teens. The real problem has been the wind. Those wind chills are wicked. So bad in fact that I locked the alpacas in the barn overnight for the last 2 nights trying to keep the winds out of the barn.

We only got about 6 inches of snow. There were many places far worse than us. I just wasn't quite ready for the freezing cold yet. They say it will be back above freezing this weekend. YEAH! I can thaw out then.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the pretty landscape and stay in and get some work done.

This is what the plow guy did to my garbage can this morning. :( At least he didn't take out the mailbox as he's been known to do on our road.

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