December 17, 2009

Lizzie's First Solo Baking Adventure

Lizzie has cooked and baked a few things over time, but always with my help. Well, these cookies had to be baked and I didn't have the time so I let Lizzie loose in the kitchen.

The cookie dough was already made courtesy of Grandma which only left the baking part. I gave Liz a little advise and left her to use the oven on her own.

She rolled the balls, placed them in the oven and set the timer with no help from me. She did great!!

I will admit I hovered a little at first, but I didn't touch a single ounce of cookie dough. I let her make them. When she was done, she had made 126 cookies and all of them perfect. Not a single burnt one in the bunch. :o)

You did an awesome job Lizzie. Congrats on your cookie baking!!

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