November 11, 2009

Free Pizza! :o)

Free is always awesome, but this free deal came with some work required by the wee ones.

If you haven't heard of it, Pizza Hut has a program called Book It! that gives students a free pizza certificate every month during the school year for reading books. What I didn't realize until this past summer was that it wasn't just for public schools. They also have a homeschool portion of the program. They mailed me everything I needed for the year. It was easy.

The hard part was getting the kids to understand that they don't automatically get free pizza, they have to earn it. Tough lesson, but worth it because finally they are enjoying reading. They aren't just reading for the pizza now. They are enjoying the books. Woohoo!! It's about time.

So today we went off to Pizza Hut with our first round of free pizzas. We took Grandma along with us because she enjoys Pizza Hut as much as we do.

When we arrived we found out the pizza certificates weren't limited to a free pizza. We could substitute the pizza buffet. Sweet!! This made the kids ecstatic. So we got our mix of pizzas, breadsticks, pasta, salad, and dessert pizza. Boy were we stuffed, but we had a great time. The kids also learned that sometimes things are definitely worth working for.

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