November 24, 2009

What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful for so many things, but mostly especially, my husband. He "gets" me even when I am slightly incoherent. My family is a close second. The kids bring me joy every day. I even have to laugh sometimes when they're naughty.

I am also thankful for:

The internet - it brings everyone close no matter how far away they are.
My ability to cook - I can eat what I want, when I want
My farm - can't live without those paca hugs
Ebay - why spend retail?
Friendships that don't come with a price-tag
We're all healthy
The fact that I can stay home everyday with my children
We're employed - always a plus
Our business is taking off - just got another order today :o)

And once family.

As we come to Thanksgiving, think about what you are thankful for.

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