November 13, 2009

The Three Day Soap

Ever since I saw a bar of felted soap at an alpaca show, I wanted to make one. Well, life finally slowed down enough that I could give it a try.

It went something like this....

Day 1
Choose the fiber I am going to use for this project. I chose Max's because it is a beautiful brown. I thought it would go great with the oatmeal & almond soap I had. I found his bag of fiber and proceeded to clean it up. I picked through it and tossed the little tiny pieces and all the hay and grass I could find.
Next I washed it. Wow, was that dirty. I changed the water 4 times. Now to dry.

Day 2
Hmmm.....still very wet. I spread it out some more and turned it over hoping to speed the process. 6 hours later....still wet. Need to do something about this. Oh, genius idea. I put it back on my cute little skirting table hubby made for me and placed it over the heat register in the hallway. Worked great! After about 2 hours it was completely dry. It's late now though.

Day 3
Ah, carding time. Had to go to YouTube and watch the video I'd saved of someone showing how to use my hand carders. See, I bought them just after Christmas, but the best I'd done was get them out of the box. I still hadn't used them.
Lady on video was very helpful. After half an hour I had a nice amount of fiber ready to go for my soap project. Off to the kitchen!
This was the really fun part. I got to make a mess on purpose. :o) I followed the instructions I had and poof! felted soap bar. I'm so excited. It turned out cute. Now I have to just let it dry and then I can use it.
That's the ultimate test....will it hold up in the shower? I can't wait to find out.

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