November 01, 2009

Tricks, Treats and Birthday Cake

Ah....Halloween. The scaring of little ghouls and goblins and the overloading of way too much sugar.

We lean on the not so scary side of Halloween since the kiddos are still kinda little. Pretty tame and this year with Halloween on a Saturday we were also able to celebrate Micaela's birthday on her actual birthday. Yes, Kayla is my treat for Halloween. She was born smack dab in the middle of trick or treating time. Not my idea, but doc was headed off for vacation the next day.

We traditionally spend the evening at my grandparents. It started because we live in the middle of nowhere with no real place to trick-or-treat. The grandparents live in a nice neighborhood that's got a few good blocks of houses. Now it has morphed into my entire family being there. We have dinner, go trick-or-treating and then come back for dessert.

We headed off to the grandparents with fond distant memories of last year's trick-or-treating. Last year it was nearly 70* at trick-or-treating time. We didn't even need a jacket. This year it was windy and somewhere in the 40's. We went out with coats and gloves. Brrrr!!

Since we were celebrating Kayla's birthday (8th) we started the afternoon off with presents. She got lots of fun things from her aunts, grandparents and of course, mommy and daddy. Mommy made the lamb <--. After presents we had our customary, kid-friendly dinner of mac & cheese and fish sticks. Actually, quite tasty. Thanks grandma!
The kids couldn't resist playing with their food a little.After dinner it was off to canvas the neighborhood. It was the knight, the indian and Laura Ingalls in search of candy treasure.

And boy did they ever find treasure....

Last came the birthday cake. They were supposed to be little pumpkins, but apparently the trick was on me. I waited too long to get them started so since they were too warm they didn't cooperate. We called them chocolate volcanoes instead. At least they tasted great! Happy 8th birthday Micaela and Happy Halloween everyone!

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