December 01, 2010


Somehow we made it through the entire month of November without any snow at all. I'm not sure I can even remember another November that, that has happened in. Most years we have snow as early as the beginning of October.

The first morning of December greeted us with the first snow of the season. It's so pretty out!

This photo was taken from the window of my studio. You can clearly see that the alpacas are not as thrilled with the snow as I am. There are nearly 40 alpacas out there, but not a one wants to venture out. :)


  1. Isn't it pretty. We had a lot of snow fall before Thanksgiving this year. It's supposed to be a snowy cold winter. An El Nina winter. Here's my pics of our snow so far.
    ~ Carol

  2. How cool! We'll be lucky to see a snow here! We won't have the possiblity of snow until January or February! Have fun...

  3. Our girls headed out after school to play in this first bit of snow, but I stayed in. Should have gone out to snap some pics, but I will wait for another day, maybe one with some sun!

  4. Beautiful snow! I am still waiting on some of that up here in New Hampshire!



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